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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda in 16 days - 2012

2nd June

Well, made it into Kenya on the first leg of the African trip. Still at Nairobi airport waiting for a flight to Kisumu, but managed 3 flights so far....and a train ride. Not bad for a country bumpkin such as my self. Train from Kendal to Manchester, flight from Manchester to Heathrow, from there, swapping from terminal 5 terminal 3, via another train, to Addis Ababa on a long overnight flight. Those of you who know me can testify that I am not the ideal build for air travel......legs just a tad long for comfort! In flight entertainment was a choice of crazy kids running around in the aisle next to me or several rows forward screaming babies, so never a dull moment there then.

From Addis Ababa we (We being myself and Joey from Send a Cow, who travels with me on this trip.) caught the plane to Nairobi on a two hour flight, where I managed to get some kip, probably much to the distress of the people sitting on the same row as myself..... I managed to drift off with a cup of water in my hand, but with an inadvertent twitch I managed to spill it on myself..... I hadn't really wet myself but I don't think they really believed me. I wasnt too sure either really, but the cup WAS empty, where before it had been full. That's my story and I'm sticking to it anyway! The luggage turned up too, which I was pleased to see......17 days in the same pair of socks was going to be a bit too much for even me! Going to sign off for now, but hopefully get some photos taken soon and let you all see (Well, both of you reading this) what it's like out here!


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