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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda - 2012

Its a football, but not as we know it.

3rd June

Made it to Kakamega, where we are staying for a couple of days, via a great flight on Kenyan airlines to Kisumu then picked up at the airport by an old friend, Daniel, who is the driver for Send a Cow in Kenya. Daniel drove me round the last time we were here so it was good to see him again. We are staying in the Golf Hotel, Kakamega, which for the record is reet grand, as we might say back in Cumbria.

Spent the day around 60km away on a small farm with a lady called Monica, who has a largish family on the 2 1/2 acre unit, with children, daughter in laws and grandchildren around. They have been members of a group since 2003 which has recently been taken on by Send A Cow, who were invited to help out, and are just starting out on the exciting program to help improve their lives via good practical farming practices. Monica needs a lot of help as they struggle to meet just basic needs such as food. The children want to go to school, but they can't always go because they can't afford it...... And we moan when we have to pay a little bit of dinner money! They make a bit of money by selling charcoal at the markets and also have to cope with HIV too, so things aren't exactly rosy in the family, but they remain upbeat and are looking forwards to the changes that the Send A Cow program can make. We had lunch at their place, a vegetable mush and wheat maize porridge. As far as eating out goes, it wasn't exactly the Ritz, but we were made very welcome, and this was their stable diet. It was an honour for us to be allowed to share with them.

The day started bright and sunny, getting fairly hot, probably similar to a really good summers day back at home, with a very intense sun, but as the afternoon progressed it clouded over and we had a cracking storm on the way bay back... It certainly cleared the road, which is generally packed with pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. How we never actually manage to hit anything is a mystery to me...our driver certainly doesn't allow much spare room when passing, and the rule of the road seems to be the bigger the vehicle the more right of way you have!

Roadsides are packed with stalls and small shops, many with, judging by the shop fronts, being optimistically named, a couple caught my attention, including a little run down road side shack with the notice outside offering "Brown teeth made white" I'm not too keen on the dentists at the best of times so I didnt insist we stop and check it out....but it did make me wonder what exactly might be happening in there, and was there much trade? But the best had to go to a coffin maker of all things..... Namely the "Golden Dreams Coffinshop" which I thought quite splendid! Apparently we were reliably informed there is a coffin maker nearby with a shop at the gates of the local hospital where you can "Pick your own on your way in" as it subtly proclaims. Not sure how highly rated the local hospital is, but by the sounds of it I hope I don't need to find out!

Apparently our hotel tomorrow may not have WiFi so I might not manage to get a report out, but I will do my very best. I do try my best for you!

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