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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda - 2012

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4th June

Well, it's late. I've been editing photos over here which I have taken the last couple of days..... So far gone through 300 or so taken on one camera on the first day, just another 600 or so to go through.... don't say I'm not dedicated to the job!

All the images are shot on RAW, which if you ain't a camera anorak, means big big files which take a bit of computer power to process. As luck would happen my laptop thinks it is on holiday too (not that I am, mind!) and as a consequence it is rather ponderous work. At least I can get to listen to iPod when working and listen to the mighty amongst the 150 songs from the 1950's which Liz managed to download for a school project......impressive. Not.

Spent the day at another family friend farm in Kenya near Acour. It was a really hot day, sun beaming straight down unrelentlessly. Im not looking for your sympathy, but it was hard work. Just hoping its as nice and sunny back in England...wouldn't want you feel left out!

As we are on the equator, flash is needed for most shots to remove shadows on people's faces..... seems strange having all this sun, but having to use flash!

We also visited a primary school which the families children went too. It was interesting seeing the teaching.....probably harked back to our grandparents days, with children sitting at benches and desks, no talking allowed in class and a teacher scratching away on the blackboard. We had to go into the head teachers office before we went into classes, I told them that going into the headteachers office brought back bad memories of my time at school. The children all seem really keen to learn, as education offers a way out of their poverty, with two of the children from this family wanting to be a lawyer and doctor respectively, one so he could be a fair judge of people and the other so they could help others...great values, and wouldn't be great to help them achieve their aims in life!

We have now decamped to another hotel near the border with Uganda, it looks a wee bit rough to be honest. It must be as there is no WiFi here....end of the world stuff really! Joanne was initially offered a VIP room, but had to settle for a normal room like myself and Daniel when they couldn't find the key. I think really if truth be known they hadn't taken the body out yet. We got wondering what the difference between a VIP room and a normal one was. I think it might be that the cockroaches are smaller in the VIP rooms perhaps?

We went for supper at the hotel restaurant. We were given the menu, but most things weren't available, so we had to settle with a cheese and tomato toasted sarnie for Joanne and I ordered deep fried chicken and rice. Well, that's what I thought he said. I'm not saying there wasn't a lot of meat on the chicken, but I think I have seen more meat on sparrows on the bird table in the middle of a hard winter. Had to laugh when we got the actually said "dry chicken". He wasn't joking. Mind you it wasn't all bad. The rice was fine. Took that long to arrive you that we took the precaution of ordering breakfast before we left, just to make sure we got it before we left in the morning.

Well, must dash, just a few more hundred photos to trawl through, and check out the supplies of sun cream.

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