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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda - 2012

Really slumming it!
Drying Cassava, a root vegetable, on a farm.

7th June

Remember at the end of my last scribblings I mentioned that it was to be a slightly more relaxing days work? Didn't quite happen like that! Whilst not wanting to criticise ones hosts it would be nice for them to perhaps grasp the concept of time! The 9.30 leaving time came and went, the crew Aggrou and the driver Wycliffe turned up around 10.30...... No worries mon!

All Journey times are either 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours..... one of the latter ones today stretched out to around 2 1/2 so tomorrows planned 3hour journey could be interesting! I'm taking an empty bottle for emergencies just in case! The Ugandan people are great, if a bit laid back about time, but I wouldn't like to be on the wrong side of them.

We had an interesting experience to say the least today. From one of the farms we visited we wanted to visit a pharmacy in the village to take some photos, it was just down the road so we walked, and got caught up in an angry lynching mob who were surrounding a house or shop wanting to drag a thief out and have a quiet word with him. The police had already taken one of the thieves in to custody, but the mob wanted the other one too. They weren't shouting or anything, but you could feel the malice. When I asked if we were safe we were told quite cheerfully, "oh no, not really....." and we continued into amongst them. Ahhhh well, in for a penny in for a pound! A little later another mob drifted up the road driving before it the stolen cow, with 50 or 60 people waving sturdy looking sticks. The plan was to beat the thief..... we thought they meant knock him around a bit, but oh no, they were after justice and finish him off I think..... basic principle, don't steal is the lesson I guess. Mind you I was sweating somewhat, and not just from the heat.... was hoping no one found out I had slipped a spare bar of soap and a coffee sachet from the last hotel we stayed in....!

Another event we briefly witnessed from the car was a coming of age circumcision party in a village. I joked and suggested it might be interesting to take some photos of the event..... our hosts thought I was serious and would have been happy for me to do so. But there was no way I was getting out of the truck, and had my legs crossed for the next few miles, and it wasn't grit which was making my eyes water!

We made a stop to watch som guys threshing rice, which involved a trek across paddy fields and drainage ditches which was interesting, no doubt there will be some pictures up of that before long, although I did wonder if there would be any photos as Aggrou, who insists on calling me Wayney, said he would take my camera for me, them proceeded to wobble about in the middle of a knee high ditch of dank water... I couldn't bear to look. My lanky legs came in use, I just jumped the ditch... no worries mon!

We again met some great families, two of who had had bio digesters installed, partly funded by Send A Cow as well as a couple of other agencies. These digesters provided gas for the homes for cooking and lighting from the manure off the cow, which was later spread as slurry on the fields. What a great thing.... cow feeds the family with milk, provides them extra income via milk sales and increased crop yields as well as helping them cook too!

We were guests of honour at a home, where we were asked to witness the solemn ceremony of lighting a gas light. A great moment in human advancement it seemed. Being there it made one realise how massive an impact "new technology" must have been in our forebearers day, and it was great to see how much this meant to the families futures.

Our journey to Jinga took a good 2 and a bit hours as mentioned before, and we got here after nine, so no chance of a drink on the banks of the Nile, but hey ho you can't have everything. Our hotel is fine, but I must be stating to look a bit rough and frayed at the edges as the porter who showed me to my room showed me the taps in the bathroom and how to work them. Amazing things... I've been trying them out all night.... might be the nearest I get to the Nile on this trip!

So I guess that concludes today's rumblings, but it's been an eventful day.... Not every day you get to witness a circumsion, a lynching AND get the joy of taps explained to you! I better go and have a lie down now I guess.

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