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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda - 2012

Cool dude off to market with some hens.

8th June

Ever wondered, in the wee wee hours when you can't sleep and strange thoughts flit into your mind, where do T shirts go to when you no longer need them? If you have, then you might actually need medical help, but I think I can provide the answer and put your poor mind to rest. The answer has to be Africa.

Touring around you can't help wondering where all the T shirts come from. Children and adults have T shirts from all over, football shirts from the premier league, la Liga, Seria A. I even saw a Celtic top too! Basketball tops, baseball tops and those tops too that you can get free with 200 boxes of biscuits or what ever. You might wonder why I even begin to mention such strange observations, but being stuck in a truck all day one begins to think the things, and seeing all these people wearing a wonderful variety of shirts just sets you thinking along some strange tangents!

We were staying in Jinga last night, besides the great river Nile. Not that we could see it from the hotel last night as it was so late when we got there. This morning Joanne from Send A Cow went to take a photo of it from the hotel but was informed she couldn't, as it was shut, and wouldn't be open for a while. I didnt realise they turned it off overnight, or as one of her Facebook friends put it, the staff were in deNile!!! Groan!

We had to go to the airport to pick up Amy, who was joining us from SAC for the remainder of the trip. We were 45 minutes from Kampala apparently, with the airport a further 45 minutes away. Those of you following my blog might already be beginning to guess what happened..... We started out at 10.30, just an hour later than scheduled, and must have made, oh I would say, 3 miles in the first 30 minutes, making stops at 2 fuel stations and a detour across another forecourt,and getting to meet Aggrous cousin too, so as you can tell, it was all chop chop all the way.

The short story is we arrived around 2.30 to pick up Amy who arrived at 1pm, via most of the suburbs of Kampala. We set off on our 3 hour journey to Riecke at around 3 and made it by 8 so we did well there I guess. We covered the suburbs we missed on the way in on the return journey so that was good, and we also did get caught up in a jam caused by a road accident, stopped off at the equator and then for some goat BBQ so it wasn't too bad really. The thing that really strikes you though is that in all that time there were people walking along the roadside all the time, what a busy place this is!

Off to bed now, as we have an early start (Joanne and I have a sweepstake going to see who is nearest too how late we will actually be....!) I will have to think of something else to thinking about now though, now I've solved the T shirt conundrum..... any suggestions from you insomniacs out there?


9th June

Just come back in from a night on the town with the SAC Uganda team in Reikia, where we went to a pork BBQ type of thing, it was dark in the verandah place we were but the food was great! Bit like a hog roast, but all BBQed on kebab sticks. Yummy.

Spent the day, well part of it anyhow, on a farm nearby, run by two brothers, Godfrey and Juilius, 17 & 15 respectively. They have been on the family friend scheme for a couple of years. They weren't in a very good way when they joined, with the farm in a mess after their father died and abandoned by their mother and older brother. Now they are figures of health, running the farm themselves and going to school as well as learning a trade. They are great characters and it was really good to see them doing so well for themselves, and hard to imagine what they have been through to get so far.

The other farm we went to for a short while had some of the cutest kids you could imagine! They greeted us in song, You are Welcome, You are Welcome to our home. They then, in good English introduced themselves and explained a bit about themselves. It was great! Joey said if she ever decided to take kids home she was starting there! They hadn't received a cow yet, but the shed was built and the garden was all done up with SAC ideas, and looked great. They didn't have much, so we're looking forward to their hand on cow, but dispite this they showered us with fruit and veg as gifts, pineapples, avocados, passion fruit and bananas. That's one thing about these people, they are so happy to give and welcome you. We have plenty to learn from them.

I popped in to see a butcher on the roadside today too. They don't quite comply with a few of the regulations we have in place, such as basic hygiene or pest control, so it was interesting indeed, seeing a side of freshly butched meat hanging up in a tin shed, with the better cuts, including some offal bits, on the front shelf, laid on banana leaf to keep it clean. It didn't seem to keep the flys off though.

Thinking about it now though, makes me wonder about the pork we had tonight.....wonder where that came from..... probably best not think too hard.... just hope it doesn't give me anything dodgy..... Ooppps, gotta dash.....catch you later!

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