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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda - 2012

Proud of their cow

13th June

Back in Rwanda, and I love it. It's four years since I was here, and it's good to see the strides it has made in that time. From the tidiness of the streets to the cheerfulness of the people it is quite hard to fault really. Poppy, the Send A Cow chief over here and hailing from the lowlands of Lincolnshire, says she has met quite a few people over here who came for a three month stint and are still here many years later, just not wanting to go home. I can see where they are coming from, especially when having an ice cold coke in a restaurant overlooking the sunset over Kigali after a hard days work.

And work we's not all ice cold cokes over here, oh no sir! We visited a family and took over their live for the day today, listening to their stories and hopes, whilst I took photos, trying to get as much of their lives recorded in a day as possible for a Family Friend program, which follows a family from the start of their association with the Send A Cow program right through to see how it changes their lives. This family are just taking their very first steps along the road.

We had a bit of fun with interpreters today, as English wasn't maybe their strongest point, and my Rwandan and French not quite up to scratch! I would try and explain what I wanted doing, and then much to my frustration, something else would trying to get twenty kids to stand in a group for a group photo, which somehow got interpreted into getting al the children to run round wildly jumping up and down! We got there in the end. I think!

We went to a coffee miller too, where the farmer took his coffee, which is sold through a co-operative. Apparently that's how the government like groups to work, it keeps community strong by working together and helps drive a better price for the producers too. Clever. The coffee mill was quiet interesting and takes quite a process to shell, wash and dry the beans ready to sell onto the roasters.

Interesting range of conversations over our cokes and beers tonight whilst waiting for our burgers to arrive from the grill, where we covered the best way to clean your toilet, to giant green ants whose bottoms you lick to taste, as well as other ants you eat alive. We have also covered extensively in various conversations, circumsion. This came about after passing the public circumsion in Uganda, and also finding out that one of the Ugandan extension workers in Uganda, Steve, was a circumsior, if that the right name. Questions ranged from how long does it take ( maximum 10 seconds, normally 3 ) how do you practice, and what on when you are learning your trade? Have you ever felt a sneeze coming on at an awkward time? Strange subject really, but I think the others had had a skinful anyway.....

On another note our flights out on Saturday have changed, and in an interesting development we leave two hours earlier than scheduled, yet arrive five minutes later than we were due to initially.......not exactly sure how that works, unless we are in an Ethiopian airlines hang glider. Only in Africa!

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