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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda - 2012


14th June

Another great day. We attended a pass on ceremony in the south of the country, near the border with Burundi, where around 25 heifers were being passed on to new recipients in the area, from farmers who were letting them have their first born heifer calf. It was quite a ceremony, with many local dignitaries attending, such as the mayor and an army officer. A line of recipients faced a line of donors, and names were drawn out of hats to see who matched up, and it was great to see the looks of joy on the recipients and donors as they led them away to show them their new heifer. For them it will hopefully be a life changing experience.

We were issued with yellow Send A Cow T-shirts and baseball, so we did stand out more than the others perhaps, partly because of my height, but also due to XL in Rwanda must be smaller than at home.....they looked fine on everyone else, but mine was more like a bright yellow crop top! Not the best look going!

We dropped in to see a lady called Zula, a widow from the genocide, on the way home, whom I took photos of last time I was here, as she started out on the Send A Cow program. I was looking forwards to seeing how she and her family had done over the last four years. It was great to see her again, and she even remembered me! The garden had been transformed, growing a wealth and variety of vegetables, where before there had only been a few raggedly banana trees. A well made cow shed with a cow and calf were the centre piece of the yard. Zula was overjoyed with the change in her life, building an extension on the family home. It was easy to see the pride and joy in her as she told us all these things, and how much more healthy the children were. It's good to see that the program can change lives so dramatically.

That was very much our day really, and once again we have retired to the outside bar for ice cold drinks, and of course to catch up on our work whilst watching the sun go down over the city. Tough days!!

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