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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda - 2012


15th June

Well, last full day here, and an earlyish finish too, which is good, as it means more time to have ice cold drinks and find somewhere to watch the football tonight. It's a hard life. Thank you, I can feel the sympathy from here!

We visited another family today for the family friend scheme, taking over their lives for a few hours, with me taking photos of all kinds of things, which probably seemed crazy to them, such as drinking water and picking potatoes or reading books. It all adds up to creating an image of them for use by Send A Cow. The SAC crew were busy asking all kinds of questions too, trying to capture the feelings and hopes for the family. It was, once again, a bit interesting with the interpretations, with long answers from questions to the family being compressed to yes or no answers by the interpreter, which made it a bit awkward for the SAC team I think, trying to quotes they could write up. We got through eventually.

Looking back over the time spent out here it has been great, and I would like to thank Send A Cow for allowing me to come and take the photos for them....hope they like them! A big thanks to Joey and Aimie, the SAC girls, who have been good fun and very professional, even to the extent of laughing at some of my very corny jokes and anecdotes ( such as....what is the biggest mouse in Africa? ) A very big thanks also goes to our hosts in each of the countries we visited. They have all been friendly and gone out of their way to help us and get what we have been needing......although I am sure they must collectively think that this tall mzungu, with all his strange manners of mooing, oinking, rolling in the dust, jumping around, must be completely out of his mind!!! Whatever it takes to get the photo.

Each country has been completely different, even though they are all neighbours, and each faces different challenges going forwards. One constant through it all though has been the people we have seen. Africa has had a difficult past, and maybe the future doesn't always look to clever either, but the people are so friendly, open and warm. To them I say, we salute you, and keep on smiling!! They are the real heros' of this trip. I hope they don't forget thy crazy white man....I certainly won't forget them.

Harking back to a previous topic I raised, about the T-shirts. Today's collection included a Royal Mail one. Might explain where your lost mail has been getting too. The other one I spotted, is rare enough back at home in England, but to see it in the vast continent of Africa must really be like finding a needle in a bore the legend "Stobart" across the front.....yup, all this way from home and I see a Carlisle United shirt. It caused some excitement on my behalf....just wish we had stopped the car to get a photo of it!!

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