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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda in 16 days - 2012

15th June Well, last full day here, and an earlyish finish too, which is good, as it means more time to have ice cold drinks and find somewhere to watch the football tonight. It's a hard life. Thank you, I can feel the sympathy from here! [more]

14th June Another great day. We attended a pass on ceremony in the south of the country, near the border with Burundi, where around 25 heifers were being passed on to new recipients in the area, from farmers who were letting them have their first born heifer calf. [more]

13th June Back in Rwanda, and I love it. It's four years since I was here, and it's good to see the strides it has made in that time. From the tidiness of the streets to the cheerfulness of the people it is quite hard to fault really. [more]

12th June Writing this from Kigali in Rwanda now, missed a couple of days writing as being too busy in Kampala doing stuff such as swimming and eating out in swanky Italian restaurants. [more]

8th/9th June Ever wondered, in the wee wee hours when you can't sleep and strange thoughts flit into your mind, where do T shirts go to when you no longer need them? If you have, then you might actually need medical help, but I think I can provide the answer and put your poor mind to rest. [more]

7th June Remember at the end of my last scribblings I mentioned that it was to be a slightly more relaxing days work? Didn't quite happen like that! Whilst not wanting to criticise ones hosts it would be nice for them to perhaps grasp the concept of time! [more]

6th June I made it through the night without being reduced to a smouldering heap, but the static played havoc with my hair.... took some settling down! [more]

5th June Had a busy old day today. Didn't travel too far, but the roads we were on weren't exactly top notch..... those of you who have been up to Uldale will have some idea what I mean. These were back dirt roads so it wasn't a surprise, but they certainly test your fillings. [more]

4th June Well, it's late. I've been editing photos over here which I have taken the last couple of days..... So far gone through 300 or so taken on one camera on the first day, just another 600 or so to go through.... don't say I'm not dedicated to the job! [more]

3rd June Made it to Kakamega, where we are staying for a couple of days, via a great flight on Kenyan airlines to Kisumu then picked up at the airport by an old friend, Daniel, who is the driver for Send a Cow in Kenya. [more]

2nd June 2012 Well, made it into Kenya on the first leg of the African trip. Still at Nairobi airport waiting for a flight to Kisumu, but managed 3 flights so far....and a train ride. [more]


Rwanda - July/August 2008

05/08/08 - Well as I stated last night today finds me travelling back homewards. Before I flew out at 5pm I had a couple of jobs to do. We set off early, around 7.15 back to Zulla’s for the Family Friend project, where I wanted to get a few extra images to try and capture the family’s whole life best I could. [more]

04/08/08 - Once again we had a longish journey today, right down to the bottom right hand of the country, to a very hilly area, and very poor too I would say looking at the size of the houses. [more]

03/08/08 - Sunday, in a city where you don’t know anyone can be a bit lonely. I was reminded of the Johnny Cash song, “Sunday Morning Coming Down” where the guy wandered round town, alone on Sunday morning seeing the sights and listening to the sounds. [more]

02/08/08 - We visited the Eastern Province and looked at 6 little farms in a township, so obviously the plots were very small, a bit like someone in England growing all their fruit and vegetables and having a cow in the back garden. [more]

01/08/08 - The first man we went to see, Nsekanabo Dammascene, was preparing to receive his first cow, and like many new converts was infectiously enthusiastic. [more]

31/07/08 - You only need stop for ten seconds to take a photo and you suddenly find ten children jumping in front of the camera, with streams of them pouring down the hillside to see what Mawundi (white man) is doing! [more]

30/07/08 - Well, here I am in deepest, darkest Africa in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali, and just finished my first full day here. [more]




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